Monday, January 17, 2011

Exercise Learning Area 2 : Computer System


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1. Define computer system
2. State the meaning of input, process,output and storage
3. Describe the information processing cycle which includes input,process, output and storage
4. Describe basic operation of Machine cycle
3. State the relationship of data representation : bit, byte and character
4. Explain the function of ASCII code
5. State the unit of data measurement
6. State the units of clock speed measurement
7. Identify the input devices used for text, graphic,audio and video
8. Identify the output devices used for text, graphic,audio and video
9. Identify the location of the central processing unit(CPU), expansion slot, expansion card,RAM slot,ports and conecctors on the motherboard
10. Explain type of function of primary storage ( RAM,ROM)
11.Explain types and function of : - SECONDARY STORAGE (Magnetic Medium optical, Flash memory)
State the various types of OS used on different platforms
State the functions of OS.
State the different interfaces of OS
Describe the uses of application software (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphic).
16.Differentiate between the types and usage of utility programmes (file
management, diagnostic, and file compression
Differentiate between proprietary and open source software
Assemble the components of a PC.(Step)

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