Monday, December 6, 2010


Verbal presentation

Choose ONE of the following topics:

1. Copyright and Piracy from Moral and Legal Standpoints.

2. Lack of Security and its Effects on Industry/Economy/ Government.

3. Malaysian Cyber Law, Electronic Government Law.

4. Phishing

5. Virus (Trojan Horse, Salami Attack)

6. Hacking

7. Security Measures (Biometrics, Authentication)

Suggested presentation duration: 5 minutes

create powerpoint presentation. Submit softcopy & hard copy

  • Pelajar kena buat persembahan dalam kumpulan.
  • Pilih satu tajuk dan cari bahan sama-sama
  • Buat persembahan powerpoint
  • Bentang ikut giliran
  • Tunjukkan kerjasama dalam pasukan
  • Cetak hardcopy / hantar softcopy

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